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Gary Goodman

2017 Year in Review

16 January

As we begin 2018, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year. We’re proud to have spent another year working to build a more equitable trade model and bring small farmer-grown products to more people around the country. We couldn’t…

Happy Holidays from Equal Exchange

18 December

We hope this holiday season is filled with warmth and joy for you and your community. In honor of the tradition of sharing food and celebrating with friends and family, we’re sharing a few of our own tried-and-true holiday recipes, submitted by Equal Exchangers around the…

How to Store Coffee the Right Way

24 May

A lot of effort goes into growing, shipping, roasting and packaging coffee to ensure a great-tasting cup. However, the benefits of those efforts can be lost at the very end of the line: in your own home! The way you store coffee has a profound impact on its taste…

Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean Coffee: Which Is Right For You?

10 April

When deciding between ground coffee and whole bean coffee, it comes down to a question of convenience vs. the opportunity for better quality. We’ll break down the details below with some questions you can ask yourself to determine which one is right for you. Shop Coffee >&gt…

Infographic: Small Farmer Tea Vs. Conventionally Traded Tea

05 October

At Equal Exchange, we believe that “Fair Trade” means “small farmer,” and our relationships with tea growers reflect that. Our tea comes from democratically organized small farmer groups, not plantations or estates. We work directly with farmer groups to pay them a fair price for their tea, offer affordable credit…

Our Coffee Roaster

04 September

Take a journey through the Equal Exchange Coffee Roasting process and learn what goes into making your morning brew…