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Susan Sklar

The People’s Food System Summit

19 June

You can be a part of changing the food system! For over 30 years, Equal Exchange has worked together with farmers and consumers to change the way that our food is grown and distributed, and to give farmers a fair shake. On June 9th and 10th, Equal Exchange held our…

A Palestinian Olive Oil Story

19 June

We’re proud to offer fairly traded, organic olive oil grown by small-scale farmers in the West Bank. We believe this olive oil is truly special, both for what it is as a product and for the story behind it. Watch the video below and read on to…

On Coffee Farmers And Thankfulness

03 November

Every year, small groups of Equal Exchange worker-owners journey to Nicaragua to meet small-scale coffee producers and to experience what it feels like to pick coffee. The trip often evokes feelings of connection with the farmers and an appreciation for the hard work that they do. As we…