Equal Exchange Speech At Nuns On The Bus Rally

In July, the “Nuns on the Bus” let loose again, starting in Wisconsin in mid-July, and hitting towns and cities—and congressional offices—in the northeast, on the way to both the Republican and Democratic conventions to challenge public officials and candidates to “Mend the Gaps” in Wealth and Income Inequality.

Network Lobby, the year-round home of the Nuns, is a long-time customer of Equal Exchange, and we proudly donated the coffee, tea and chocolate for the trip.

Peter Buck, from Equal Exchange, spoke at their July 23rd rally in Boston. See a video of his speech from the rally.


Photos from the Rally

Signing on to Mend the Gaps
In 24 cities, the Nuns held rallies and workshops, and attendees signed on to Mend the Gaps in Income and Wealth.

Some of the attendees at the Boston rally, July 23rd, at Boston College High School.

The speakers from the Boston Rally with Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS.




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