Fair Trade Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! What do you have planned for your special someone (or yourself)? This year, we’re celebrating love of all kinds – including our love for Fair Trade, of course. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your support of small farmers into your gift-giving and activities on February 14.

1. Bake and Share Peanut Butter Heart Cookies
What goes together better than chocolate and peanut butter? These cookies are as delicious as they are cute! This quick and easy classic peanut butter cookie recipe turns into a festive Valentine’s Day treat with the addition of our Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts.

2. Give a Box of Chocolate Hearts + Fair Trade Flowers
Every year, millions of people buy chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day – making it the perfect time to choose the small farmer alternative. Give your sweetheart a box of Fair Trade chocolates along with a bouquet of Fair Trade flowers (maybe even encourage friends and family to do the same.) It’s a gift you’ll both feel good about!

3. Hand Out Chocolate Hearts + Handmade Valentines
If you have kids taking valentines to school (or if you like giving them to friends), why not add a little something sweet? Our Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts are individually wrapped in red foil, perfect for attaching to valentines. You can even include a note about where the chocolate comes from!

4. Try Our Perfect Pairs
To celebrate great couples, we’ve paired together a few of our favorite things. Try our Organic Very Dark Chocolate with a glass of Malbec this Valentine’s Day and taste how the high and low notes complement each other. If something lighter is more your speed, try our Organic Milk Chocolate with a glass of rosé for a smooth and sweet harmony of flavors. Check out our complete guide to pairing chocolate and wine!

5. Make Hot Cocoa for a Group
Any time around Valentine’s Day, make a batch of organic, fairly traded hot cocoa to share with friends, your office, book club, congregation… wherever you’ll be getting together. It’s an easy way to share the importance of Fair Trade with your community (and who doesn’t love a cup of cocoa in the winter?). In our Hot Cocoa Tasting Guide, we include a few tips for serving to a group – check it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Equal Exchange!

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