Fair Trade Events & Fundraising Ideas for Your Community

There are lots of opportunities to raise money while supporting authentic Fair Trade. Here are some suggestions to try out with your community group, school, club, or congregation.

Table Sale Fundraiser

A table sale can be very effective if you are interested in running a special fundraiser on your school campus or at your congregation.  You get wholesale case prices when you order from Equal Exchange and then you can mark individual items up, keeping the profit.  We recommend selling the products at 1.5 times the cost that you purchased them for, but you can go higher or lower depending on your fundraising goal. Here is our guide to best-selling products, suggested order quantities and mark-ups

Table Sale

If you’re looking to hold a table sale on campus, think about setting up the table outside a sports game, in your dining hall, or at a concert or festival. Fair Trade Month (October) and Earth Day (April) are great times to sell. Promotion is key with this type of fundraiser. Put up posters letting people know where, when, and what they can purchase. Post on social media and share our short videos leading up to the sale and during the sale. And don’t forget to let everyone know what you are raising money for. Giving out samples like our bite-sized chocolate minis will attract people to your table.

If you are looking to hold a table sale at your congregation, consider doing so after services. Put a notice in the bulletin, explaining more about the mission of Equal Exchange and your fundraising efforts. The perfect time to have your first table sale is around the holidays when people are looking for ethically-sourced, quality gifts like olive oil, chocolate and coffee. Check out this blog post with tips for holding a holiday sale.

Fundraising Event Ideas

Create a new tradition by putting together a community-wide fundraising event! This is a great way to get your everyone involved in a fun and ethical way. From bake sales highlighting  fair trade ingredients, to silent auctions of Fair Trade gift baskets to a walk-a-thon serving fairly traded iced coffee and tea, there are many events you can create. One of our favorite fundraiser event ideas is hosting a coffee and chocolate pairing event and charging a small admission fee for participants who get to sample a few different varieties of chocolates paired with different roast levels of coffee! Setting up a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar and charging a few dollars per mug is also a fun way to earn some money.

With an event, you have a platform to share more about your group and why you are raising money. While you can include this on posters and social media posts, at an event you can meet people face-to-face who are interested in helping your group. This is a great opportunity to share more about your group, your mission and how the fundraising event will help your group achieve your goals. 

Identifying and communicating the “why” regarding why people should support your group and why these products are special is the key to success.  Here are some talking points to get you started on the product side.

However you decide to fundraise, we hope you reach your goals, share your mission and engage your community through positive action!


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