Four Ways to Explain Why Fair Trade Matters

Whether you’re a longtime Equal Exchange partner or you’re brand-new around here, we’re grateful for the hard work you put into serving or selling fairly traded products from small-scale farmers. But you can’t do it alone. You need allies! You need supporters! You need other people to care as much as you do!

This blog post collects resources that will help you spread the good news to others. It’s time to celebrate your past successes and let members of your community know why purchasing ethically sourced coffee and other products is worth doing!

Try some of the following:

1. A bulletin insert/announcement flyer template

Does your congregation publish a weekly or monthly bulletin? This can be a great venue for reminding folks about the fairly traded products you sell or serve at worship or meetings. We’ve made it super-easy with a template you can customize. Download the Full-Color e-Bulletin digital template or the Printable Bulletin Template for photocopying.

Want to create your own from scratch? Read this inspiring example of a personalized message and adapt it for your next bulletin or email.

Not part of a faith-based group? Here’s a general, editable newsletter template you can share.

2. Talking Points

Even though you’re committed to supporting fair trade and organic foods, it can be hard to articulate its importance! If you need to provide a quick introduction to someone who’s new to the concept, consider referring to our handy talking points documents. When folks purchase Equal Exchange products, they make a choice that’s better for small-scale farmers, for the environment, and for their own health. Now you can quickly communicate how and why.

This short version (in full color) of our Talking Points can be displayed as a sign.

The longer version (black and white) is double-sided and includes more detail.

3. Infographics

How do you explain a complicated food system? Keep these infographics on hand! They provide a simple, visual way to present facts and show the true impact of ethical trade. Now you can go deeper into the specific issues that interest you and your community the most.

  • Compare our best-selling Organic Breakfast Blend to other coffees on the market here.
  • Find out about human rights violations in the conventional chocolate industry and how small-farmer chocolate makes a difference here.
  • Explore how coffee grown in biosphere buffer zones protects ecosystems here.
  • Demonstrate how every part of our Single Serve cups can be recycled or composted here.

4. Videos

See where our coffee and chocolate comes from and hear the voices of the farmers and quality professionals who make it possible. These videos will take you around the world and behind the scenes at our roasting facility — and will even teach you to brew better coffee at home! We find that they work great for presentations or as social media shares.

Watch our most popular videos here.

Or take a deep dive into every video we’ve shared (on YouTube) here.

A little girl holds a bag of Equal Exchange fair trade coffee.

Your work matters to everyone in our supply chains. Thanks for your support, and for getting the word out!

What have you done to tell people about why you use fair trade? What resources do you wish we offered? Let us know in the comments!

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