Fundraising DIY: Create a Goal Board

A short video of kids putting together a goal board

Image is of a student coloring in thermometer on a fundraising goal board.Rally your troops to create a fundraising goal board and watch those dollars come in!

Creating a goal board as a team is a show of solidarity. It gets your group excited about your fundraiser so they can see exactly what the money means to your organization.

In addition, by showing that thermometer rising during your campaign or events, you can motivate supporters to buy more and help you reach – or exceed – your goal. So be sure to take pictures and share them frequently throughout your campaign. This invites your community to become part of your fundraiser. In turn, they’re more likely to share your news and progress. The more they share, the more people you’ll reach and the more money you can raise!

To get started, use a thermometer graphic and customize a goal board for your cause. You can download a thermometer poster here and just print it  to get started. For fair trade graphics to add, you can also print out educational resources.

The next step is to start gathering other materials. For inspiration, look at the supply list below. Keep in mind that it’s best to customize the goal board to be about your organization and what you need funding for. You can include information about your mission, Equal Exchange’s mission and anything else that will motivate!

Suggested Supplies

  • Large firm, flat surface (cork board or foam board)Image is of supplies needed to build a fundraising goal board including paper, bulletin board, scissors, etc.
  • Construction paper or wrapping paper (enough to cover surface)
  • Stapler, tape, glue stick
  • Image of a thermometer (click to download ours)
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Images and text explaining what your fundraiser is for
    • Tip: Use the web, magazines, post cards, photographs, drawings, newspapers, brochures, etc.
  • Information about why you’re fundraising with Equal Exchange

Once you have your supplies together, be sure to have a specific dollar amount for your goal, what you’re raising money for (example: $3,000 for new equipment) and the dates of your fundraising campaign.

DIY: Build A Fundraising Goal BoardImage shows a fundraising goal board.

  1. Lay out the construction paper or wrapping paper to cover the flat surface. Once in place, secure.
    • Cork board – secure with an open stapler
    • Foam board – secure with tape or glue sticks
  2. Arrange your components on top of the covered surface (some may require trimming or coloring)
  3. When it all looks good, attach all the components about the fundraiser to the covered surface
  4. Encourage your team to write personal notes or include images of what the funding means to them
  5. Photograph the goal board and share with your participants and supporters
  6. Get updates from your fundraising participants frequently throughout campaign, so you can track the campaign’s progress on the goal board by filling in the thermometer.
  7. Repeat step 5 several times throughout your campaign.

What will your fundraising goal board look like?

We want to see! Share photos of the making of your goal board as well as your campaign’s progress with other Equal Exchange Fundraising Coordinators on Facebook. We look forward to watching you reach your goal!
Image shows a fundraiser's goal board.Image of a fundraiser's goal board.Image of a fundraiser's goal board..

Image of a fundraiser's goal board..

Image of a fundraiser's goal board..

Image of an Equal Exchange Fundraising Goal Board.

Good luck with your fair trade fundraiser!

Thank you for fundraising with Equal Exchange’s products. Remember, the more you raise, the more you’re supporting authentic fair trade.

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