School-Wide Fundraising Part 3: Distributing Orders

This is part three of a series on school fundraising. Read Part 1: Logistics or Part 2: Collecting Orders

Your fundraiser is almost finished! You’ve done a great job promoting, selling and collecting orders. Now it’s time to wrap up and distribute all those Fair Trade goodies. You’ll receive your order within 10 businesses days of placing it, guaranteed  – so it’s important to be ready when everything arrives! Here are some tips to get you organized and prepared to receive, check and distribute your orders.

1. Notify the school treasurer of how much money you collected, how much profit you earned and how much is due to Equal Exchange. Let her or him know that the invoice will arrive with the order.

2. Reserve a safe storage space (one that’s free of rodents and pests!) where you can keep the bulk order until you’re ready to distribute the products.

3. Confirm your order’s arrival date with Customer Service. Then, notify parents, teachers and students.

4. Set aside a few hours to assemble the orders for your school. Recruit a few detail-oriented parent volunteers to help with this step.

5. Set up your space. Make it a party with snacks, drinks and music!

6. Arrange all the products in a line in the order they appear on the order form. Each volunteer will need a paper bag labeled with a student’s name and class, and the student’s order form. Then, volunteers should proceed down the line of products and place items in the bag based on what’s listed on the order form.

7. Recruit volunteers to help distribute compiled orders to homeroom classes.

8. If, on the off chance, someone is unhappy with or wishes to return a product, please call Customer Service to work out a solution.

9. Give teachers about a week to collect any missing/wrong product forms. Once you have those, call Customer Service to sort out what is being returned and what needs to be shipped to you. (Shipping charges may apply if you decide to order extra product that was not left out by our error.)

10. Don’t forget to break down shipping boxes and bring them to the recycling center! And you’re done! Congratulate yourself on a successful fundraiser and thank your volunteers for all their help. Now treat yourself to some delicious fairly traded chocolate and look forward to the great things your fundraiser will make possible!

Looking ahead to your school-wide fundraiser? Get started and find out more about our fundraising program for schools and groups of all sizes.

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