Why Peruvian Avocados Matter

If you’re a U.S. consumer, 8 out of 10 times your avocado will come from Michoacán, Mexico. There are various reasons for…

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Bowls of food, including fresh guacamole and corn chips, crowd a table

Guacamole Recipe

Time for guacamole! Our favorite recipe comes from our friend Scarlett de la Vega Ochoa, a native of Puebla, Mexico. Here’s how she…

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Avocados hang from a tree in Mexico

Where Did All the Avocados Go?: Exploring Market Imperfections

Equal Exchange avocado supporters may remember that in October 2016, Equal Exchange avocados were unavailable for about 2 weeks due to strikes in Mexico. You…

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Fried eggs in a skillet with tomatoes and garlic

Fried Eggs with Coffee-Chipotle Mole

  0 from 0 votes Print Fried Eggs with Coffee-Chipotle Mole Course Breakfast Ingredients 1 c.  stewed tomatoes drained ¾ c.  Equal Exchange Organic Coffee…

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