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Almond Butter Cups

28 January

Offer a snack that is vegan, paleo, gluten-free … and tastes decadent! You and your family can enjoy while feeling good about the ingredients you used and knowing how they were sourced! 5 from 2 votes Print Almond Butter Cups We like that these cups take very little time…

Guacamole Recipe

25 January

Time for guacamole! Our favorite recipe comes from our friend Scarlett de la Vega Ochoa, a native of Puebla, Mexico. Here’s how she makes it! 5 from 1 vote Print Scarlett’s Guacamole Try a guacamole recipe from Mexico! This creamy dip is sure to delight you and…

No-Bake Buckeyes

29 November

  5 from 1 vote Print Buckeyes These delicious peanut butter balls taste similar to the peanut butter cups we are all familiar with from our youth. Easy to make, and don’t require any baking. They are a great recipe for the holidays or you can make them…

Warm Up with Maple Almond Squash Risotto!

28 November

This risotto, cooked with white wine and chunks of butternut squash, makes for a quick, comforting dinner on chilly days, or a classy side dish that will impress your friends. The sweet and salty maple almond topping provides the perfect crunch. Looking for a new Thanksgiving recipe? You may have…

Crispy Chicken with Almonds — Easy and GF

13 June

  5 from 1 vote Print Crispy Chicken with Almond — Easy and GF Fairly traded and organic almonds give this crispy chicken dish extra texture and a mildly sweet, nutty flavor, complimented by black pepper and paprika. Our Almond Crunch Chicken recipe is just as easy to make gluten-free…

Don’t like mayo? Try Za’atar Potato Salad!

12 June

Anticipating of the arrival of the Palestinian Farmer’s Box later this summer, we were excited to try this flavorful za’atar potato salad. It’s a zesty alternative to traditional mayo-heavy potato salads, made with za’atar, a savory Middle Eastern spice mix of fragrant thyme, sumac…