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Warm Up with Maple Almond Squash Risotto!

28 November

This risotto, cooked with white wine and chunks of butternut squash, makes for a quick, comforting dinner on chilly days, or a classy side dish that will impress your friends. The sweet and salty maple almond topping provides the perfect crunch. Looking for a new Thanksgiving recipe? You may have…

Don’t like mayo? Try Za’atar Potato Salad!

12 June

Anticipating of the arrival of the special Palestinian Farmer’s Box later this summer, we were excited to try this flavorful za’atar potato salad. It’s a zesty alternative to traditional mayo-heavy potato salads, made with za’atar, a savory Middle Eastern spice mix of fragrant thyme…

Celebrando el cinco de mayo con mole poblano de comercio justo

04 May

Traducido por Mercedes Paloma Lopez Mancillas, de la Oficina Regionál del Suroeste de CRS en San Antonio, Texas y por Scarlett de la Vega Ochoa, Oké Banana (Equal Exchange’s fairly traded bananas), West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. (Read the English-language version here.)   Pollo en Mole Poblano es un…

Mole Poblano with a Fairly-Traded Twist

01 May

    Pollo en Mole Poblano is a traditional Mexican dish of chicken simmered in a dark, spicy, chocolate-based sauce. This spring, Equal Exchange employees and our partners from Catholic Relief Services prepared three batches of mole — each slightly different — with fairly-traded and Organic ingredients. And…

A Visit To Our Olive Oil Co-Op

30 December

In late November, of 2014, I spent a day with PARC, Equal Exchange’s olive oil partner. As we drove from PARC’s headquarters in Ramallah to an olive growing community, Mohammad Hmidat, Quality Control Manager for PARC, pointed out a town called Bir Zeit, where centuries ago, Palestinian olive…