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Our Quality is Top-Notch

06 March

At Equal Exchange, our concern for the quality of small-scale producers’ lives is matched only by our attention to the quality of our finished coffee. From farmers to cuppers, we’re professionals. And every choice we make contributes to the exceptional character of Equal Exchange coffees. We’re proud…

Raise a Cup to Women!

19 February

International Women’s Day is March 8th. We hope you’ll join us by raising a cup of your favorite brew to women producers, leaders and advocates all over the world! Women in the Supply Chain Coffee farming is hard work, and women face special challenges. A 2015 report issued…

Organic Vs. Conventional Tea: What’s The Difference?

17 February

As conscientious consumers, many of us look for the “organic” label when shopping. While we know that organic products have certain benefits, the extent of those benefits isn’t always obvious. When it comes to organic tea and conventional tea, you might ask: what’s the real difference? What makes…

Organic Vs. Conventional Coffee

25 April

Coffee lovers are discerning people, and there’s a lot to say about its many flavors, aromas, and origins – but one of the biggest differences between coffees is most striking before it even reaches your cup. It’s the difference between conventional and organic coffee. Even if you already choose…