Plan a fair trade sale using these 5 tips

shoppers choose fair trade items at a table sale

Selling fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa and snacks to your community is a way to give them an opportunity to buy high-quality, fairly traded gifts for the holidays and add some additional income for your group. You don’t need to wait until next year, there’s still time to have one this season!  Here’s how to make a successful sale happen in 5 easy steps.

an array of fair trade and organic tea, cocoa, olive oil, almonds and coffee

  1. Choose the best products

    Here are our gifitiest and best-selling products

Because the products aren’t sold on consignment, you want to figure out how many cases of each product to order for your sale. If you’re wondering about kind of quantities to order for your crowd size, here are some recommendations>>

To see all of our product options, view our full wholesale case pricelist

  1. Order your way

    Shop online  or call your order in to our Customer Service team at 774-776-7366 M-F 9-5 EST. We recommend leaving 10 business days for your order to arrive, but check with our team for a personalized shipping estimate. We also offer expedited shipping if you’d like to have things arrive more quickly.

  2. Dress up your table to draw people in

    Use a festive tablecloth and a string of lights to make it eye-catching. A colorful sales table and a smiling person behind it say “come on over!”. Organize products neatly and re-purpose empty shipping boxes turned upside down under a tablecloth to create extra vertical space to showcase products. Order our table signs and posters to share information. You might even want to offer samples of Equal Exchange coffee, tea or bite-sized chocolate pieces to entice shoppers.

    a display of fair trade chocolate chips, cocoa and chocolate bars on a table

  3. Set prices that help you reach your goals

    You can raise funds for special  projects, trips or activities by marking up your products 25% to 40% of your wholesale unit cost. Round up to the nearest dollar to help cover your costs and make giving change easier.  Examples of reasonable prices are: $8 or $9 for 12oz bags of coffee, $10 for 1lb bags of coffee, $4 for chocolate bars, $5 for tea, $15 for olive oil and $7 for cocoa. Remember to tell folks what you’re raising money for — they’ll love being able to gift shop and help your cause!

    If fundraising isn’t your goal, charging your unit cost with just a small mark-up (round up to the next dollar to avoid handling change) is a great way to make fair trade products accessible to many people. You can sell multiple items at reduced prices to help encourage more sales, like 2 chocolate bars for $5 or 3 bags of coffee for $20. 

    After you decide what you want to charge, use our handy price list template to list items and prices to post at your sale table.

  1. Promote your sale and share the mission

    You know that fair trade is important for our global community, and now is a great time to tell shoppers why it matters. Edit these Customizable bulletin inserts and e-bulletins/newsletters to promote your sale at services or in an email blast. 

Try this example wording: “Give gifts that give more! Join us for our Fair Trade Sale [insert date, time and location]  Equal Exchange products are sourced from small-scale coffee, tea, cocoa and olive oil farmer co-operatives worldwide and profits from our sale go towards [insert your group, committee or reason for the sale here]. Through fair trade, farmers are better able to support their families, protect the environment and strengthen their communities.”  

poster on a door that says "we support small farmers" and "Sale today"

Create a poster announcing the sale and use these colorful mission posters by your sale table to drive the points home!

If you use social media to promote and are planning the sale to be a fundraiser, you might find these social media graphics helpful!

The meaning behind the products you sell will really set them apart from other options– so don’t be afraid to talk about it! Our talking points and brochures also help make it easy!

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