6 Ways To Promote Your Fundraiser At Back-To-School Night

How many families participated in your last catalog fundraiser? If you’re like most communities, participation probably ranged from 20-50%. It’s disappointing when you work hard to run a school fundraiser and don’t see the support you expected. Sometimes this happens because parents get sidetracked or feel too busy, and sometimes the catalog simply never makes it out of their child’s backpack!

That’s why Back-to-School Night is the perfect time to kick off your school fundraiser. With parents, teachers and students all gathered together and excited for the coming year, you can make an impression and generate enthusiasm for the fundraising weeks ahead.

1. Prepare your pitch. Be ready to tell folks what you’re raising money for, why it’s important to the kids and the community and how much you’re hoping to raise. Envisioning the goal helps people feel motivated and committed.

2. Display products. Purchase a few of our products at a local store (or online, by the case) and arrange them on a table to give parents a chance to see and hold the items in the catalog.

3. Offer samples. Break up a few chocolate bars and brew some coffee, tea and cocoa to give parents a delicious taste of what’s to come in the fundraiser.

4. Make something yummy. Bake cookies or other treats with Equal Exchange ingredients to show their versatility (and deliciousness)!

5. Start selling. Offer packaged coffees and chocolate bars at your table to get some products into the hands and homes of parents and teachers. It’ll help get folks talking about how great the products are and will get them excited to order more!

6. Distribute catalogs. Make sure parents have a catalog! Keep a stack on hand in case they want to bring one to the office or share with a friend. (This is a great opportunity to encourage folks to share your school fundraiser with your wider community, too.)

These are just a few of the ways you can get people excited about your school fundraiser – try them all, choose a few or get creative in your own way. Good luck!

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