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Everyone Loves Getting Mail: Why Not Send Some?

Say hello to a far-away friend, wish a sick loved one a quick recovery, or help your favorite college student settle in — with a fair trade care package! These gift boxes are easy to put together¬†and eminently customizeable.¬† It’s fun to pick out small treats that you know the recipient will enjoy. If you’re feeling crafty, decorate the box and include personal photos! If you’re a baker, homemade cookies or other snacks make great additions. We love coming up with themed care packages, like the ones in this video:



You Chose It Yourself!

A care package is a special gift you chose yourself! When you pack it with fairly traded and organic contents, you’re showing love for the recipient — and for small-scale farmers and the environment, too! We’ve built a few collections on our webstore to make sending a care package even simpler. Just click on the items you want, and they’ll be added to your cart.

The “We Miss You” Care Package

  • Organic Ginger Tea
  • Organic Breakfast Blend Single Serve
  • Organic Dark Hot Cocoa
  • Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

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The “Hang In There!” Care Package

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A video of items being added to a care package

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