chocolate minis displayed in a decorative holiday bag

4 ways to take your holiday sale to the next level

Want to continue to make your holiday sale unforgettable by offering fair trade gifts that make a real difference in farming communities around the world…

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Let’s Celebrate A Fair Trade Thanksgiving

At Equal Exchange, we’re celebrating a Fair Trade Thanksgiving by sharing the many things that make us feel grateful. From family and friends to…

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Celebrate Fair Trade Month With Equal Exchange

October is Fair Trade Month, and there’s a lot to celebrate! You already know that Fair Trade is important to farmers, communities and…

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Drink A Better K-Cup With Equal Exchange Single Serve Coffee

The coffee world is always changing and evolving – that’s part of what makes it so exciting. Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz…

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Our Cup Of Organic Tea: Empowered Farmers, Better Trade

When do you enjoy our fairly traded, organic tea? Whether it’s a warm cup in the morning or tall glass of iced tea on…

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Organic Vs. Conventional Coffee

Coffee lovers are discerning people, and there’s a lot to say about its many flavors, aromas, and origins – but one of the biggest differences…

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A smiling man poses with green cacao pods.

How Does Organic Cacao Farming Help the Environment?

Cacao, the fruit from which the main ingredient in chocolate is derived, grows in beautiful, tropical conditions along the equator. The cacao tree naturally prefers…

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Banana Almond Granola Bars

0 from 0 votes Print Banana Almond Granola Bars Course Snack Keyword Almonds, Bananas, Nuts Servings 18 bars Ingredients 3 1/2 cup oats 3…

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Barbecue Sauce

Bad to the Bone BBQ Sauce

0 from 0 votes Print Bad to the Bone BBQ Sauce Course Sauce Keyword Olive Oil Ingredients 3 Tbsp. Equal Exchange Organic Extra Virgin Olive…

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Seedings growing in small plastic pots

An Organic Solution

It’s a Friday morning at Equal Exchange and one day short of the official start of Spring. A truck backs into one of…

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A cup of herbal tea with a spoon is good for dehydration

Ask the Dietitian: Hydration

Recently at Equal Exchange, we received the question, “Is it true that coffee dehydrates you?” Water is one of the most essential nutrients…

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Dark chocolate on a cutting board -- a good source of iron

Ask the Dietitian: Iron and Chocolate

Question: A fellow Equal Exchange chocolate lover pointed out to me the surprisingly high amount of iron per serving, thus giving us an excuse to…

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A cup of organic coffee on a table with organic chocolate and some daffodils

The Art (and Science!) of Chocolate and Coffee Pairing

Chocolate and coffee offer a variety of flavors that are nurtured through the cultivation and processing of the finished products that you enjoy every day…

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a cup of organic cocoa with cozy mittens, pinecones and books

Chocolate to Warm the Body and Heart

Over the centuries, cultures have used cacao as a base to mix with other ingredients and flavors to make delicious drinks. European or classic drinking…

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