Haiku Challenge: Read the Winners

An open book and a person's hands holding acup of fair trade coffee

Happy National Poetry Month! And thanks to everyone who entered our recent social media Coffee Haiku Challenge. We savored all your responses, each and every delicious haiku! But since we promised #braggingrights to a select few, we’re reposting our favorites here (in no particular order).

Brew a cup of fairly-traded coffee and prepare to be impressed, because these haiku have many good qualities. We found them to be:



Sunrise breaks the night

Morning coffee breaks the fast

Fair Trade breaks the chains

Dick Dahle


Thanks to playful goats,

Coffee beans were discovered.

Every cup is joy.

Andrew Lyons


crimson hued cherries,

harvesters roasters abound,

blissful hot liquid

Danielle Kocinski


I am a do-nut. 🍩

You are a cup of coffee.☕️

Start your day with me.

Sears L Barnett Jr.


Coffee, java, joe.

Cuppa, brew, octane go juice.

Life force from a bean.

Viki Matson



I love my coffee

My coffee awakens me

My coffee loves me

Elizabeth McNeil


A warm thanks to every single poet who participated!  Read more Coffee Haiku here, or by searching for #eehaiku.

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  1. Kathy Wicks | 17th Apr 18

    Dick Dahle has an inspirational imagination

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