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Fair trade. Ethically sourced. Organic. Sustainable. You’ve been hearing the buzzwords and want to do right by the small-scale farmers who produce your food. You support caring for our planet. You want to contribute to an independent and transparent food system. Now… how do you get others to understand the issues and take action towards food justice?

We’ve collected our best tips so you can be successful at encouraging a switch to Equal Exchange for your coffee hour, office, fundraiser, event and beyond.

Introduce the idea to your group

You can plan a short presentation using a combination of talking points and videos. Having some coffee or chocolate on hand for folks to taste will help them see how delicious the products are while they learn about the mission behind them.

If a presentation sounds too formal, just have a conversation with someone who is a decision-maker in your group or send them some of the info below in an email while explaining why fair trade is important to you. 

Brush up on your fair trade knowledgeComic book with title "The History of Authentic Fair Trade"

Know the Equal Exchange basics

A smiling man poses with green cacao pods.Show the impact on farmers

Learn from others

A red bag of organic fair trade coffeeWhy switch your coffee?

Show why Equal Exchange coffee is special and still affordable.

Why does fair trade chocolate matter?

Chocolate Supply Chain Infographic

Big name chocolate companies were recently called out in the Washington Post for unethical sourcing and child slave labor in the chocolate industry. Be sure you’re not supporting injustices you don’t believe in.

Two students are at a school computer that shows fair trade chocolate on the screen.

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