What Do Folks Say About Our Coffee?

This summer, Equal Exchange brought our coffee and chocolate on the road to Austin, Texas for the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. We shared a table with our partners at Episcopal Relief & Development and poured out our fairly traded brew to all comers.

Over the course of nine days, we had a lot of wonderful conversations about fair trade values, fellowship, and favorite blends! People were excited to hear about the new low price of Organic Breakfast Blend, which makes it easier than ever to serve it at church.

Here’s a mosaic of just a small sampling of the folks who enjoyed our coffee, with their names — and their thoughts — below.

A collage of fifteen photos of diverse people enjoying Eqyal Exchange coffee at the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Who are these happy coffee drinkers?

Read their stories, in their own words.

1. The Very Rev. Joseph Kerwin Delicat, Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

 The newly elected bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Haiti stopped by the Episcopal Relief & Development booth to enjoy a cup of Equal Exchange coffee!


2. Carol Folbre, St. John’s Episcopal in New Braunfels, Texas

“I’m part of a Ministry of Contemplative Action (MOCA). The philosophy is to go to social action events together and then reflect. Coffee is perfect for this ministry. We use the phrase ‘sip by sip.'”


3. Captain Louis Cavaliere (U.S. Navy Retired), Grace Church, Merchantville, New Jersey

“The coffee is great and the dark chocolate is good for you!”


4. Sharon Hilpert and Ardel Hansen

These two women stopped by the booth after going by bus to show solidarity to the women at the Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas. 


5. Terri Bays, Church of the Holy Trinity, South Bend, Indiana

“I’m the poster child for coffee addiction.”


6. John Chilstrom, St. Matthews Episcopal, Austin, Texas

“Before the end of General ​Convention​, I wanted to make sure I placed my first order for coffee, and I did — online!”


7. Ann Bustard, Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, North Carolina

“My favorite Equal Exchange coffee is African Roots.”


8. Margaret Moses, Church of the Ascension, Mt. Vernon, New York

“Your coffee is delicious. It’s a nice roasted flavor which reminds me of Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica, where I grew up.  That’s why I keep coming back.”


9. Chad Brinkman and Sean McConnell, Episcopal Relief & Development staff members.

“Both of us love the Equal Exchange dark chocolate bar with Lemon, Ginger, and Black Pepper. It’s our favorite.”


10. Sarah Lawton, St. John the Evangelist, San Francisco, California

“We use Equal Exchange coffee every Sunday. It tastes really good. We have a lot of connections as a church to Central America. We know that coffee is so important to that region and we like to support farmers there.”


11. Abraham Ndungu, Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio​

​”Fantastic coffee, super chocolate.”​


12. Xerxes Eclipse, Episcopal Relief & Development staff member.

Xerxes enjoys coffee and coloring at the Episcopal Relief & Development booth.


13. Timothy Kimbrough, Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville, Tennessee

“I could not have gotten through General Convention without it. It’s been my pick-me-up through the afternoon sessions. Thank you for being here.


14. Bernice Turner, St. Katherine’s Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland

​​”I love the taste of your coffee.”​


15.  Alex Merritt, St. David’s Episcopal, Austin, Texas

“Episcopal Relief & Development does so much important work; it’s work that impacts some of the world’s most vulnerable people. And the coffee is delicious.”

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