Fun Facts & Fair Trade Recipes for Kids

Cacao growers Ramon and Glenys with a cacao pod in the Dominican Republic.

Bring the story of small farmers to life with kid-friendly treats made with fairly traded ingredients. These special snacks can be the starting point for a classroom or kitchen conversation about where some of our favorite foods come from.

Fair Trade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Featuring: Equal Exchange Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
These classic cookies are made even sweeter with chocolate chips that are organic and fairly traded.

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Chocolate Chip Facts:

  • These chocolate chips are made with cocoa from Peru and sugar from Paraguay.
  • Both countries are located in South America.
  • Peru has many mountains and rainforests, and Paraguay has many swamps and is mostly flat.
  • Both the cocoa and the sugar were grown by groups of farmers who work together and own their own land.

Organic Chocolate Pudding

Featuring: Equal Exchange Organic Baking Cocoa
Add some organic goodness to this easy-to-make treat.

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Cocoa Facts:

  • This chocolate pudding is made with cocoa from the Dominican Republic.
  • Cocoa comes from cacao (ka-cow) beans.
  • The Dominican Republic is located on an island in the Caribbean.
  • The Dominican Republic has many beaches, mountain ranges and fertile plains that are good for farming.
  • The group of farmers who grew these cacao beans have their own cocoa processing plant!​
a hand holds a cacao pod. A woman stands behind, also holding a pod.
Cacao growers Ramon and Glenys open cacao pods in the Dominican Republic.