Are your Values Skipping Coffee Hour?

Breakfast Blend Organic coffee in a white china cup with spoon and napkin.

You’re part of a social justice-minded congregation.  You’re always educating people about the importance of buying coffee that is ethically sourced, accounting for the hard work and risks that small-scale farmers take to produce Organic, high-quality coffee and support their families.

So why is your congregation still brewing coffee from the big plastic tub after services? Or maybe they serve another fair trade certified coffee from one of the big-box stores, because it’s convenient to pick it up when they buy other supplies.  They may not realize that they’re also supporting a corporation that isn’t 100% dedicated to changing our food system and that the non-Organic coffee is grown using synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

We want to help you make a better choice.

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We’ve just made it easier than ever before to make the jump and become a fully-committed congregation that only serves Organic, fairly traded coffee every week.  If there were cost barriers that prevented your group from supporting Fair Trade in the past, you can serve our 12oz Organic Breakfast Blend, (our most popular blend!) for only $0.10 a cup!  It’s possible to have affordable, high quality coffee — along with peace of mind — because you’re helping farming families stay on their own land, educate their children, and improve their quality of life.

If you already serve our coffee on occasion, now you can serve it more often. Coffee that matches your values belongs at every gathering!


Free resources to promote the flavor of justice in your cup:

Reusable Airpot Labels tell your congregation that they’re drinking organic, fairly traded coffee. Stick them front and center on your coffee pot or carafe. We even have specific Breakfast Blend Airpot Labels!

Our Coffee Hour Poster says, “it’s not just coffee, it’s solidarity.” Use this colorful double-sided poster to announce to members and guests that your church has proudly made the commitment to serving 100% fairly-traded products!

Table Signs  give you multiple opportunities to show that you serve coffee from small-scale farmers and it changes lives. You can even put them next to the coffee pot to advertise that you offer bags of this delicious coffee for sale too!

Message the change using our customizable e- bulletin announcement or paper bulletin insert.

Show or share short videos that explain why fair trade matters.


serving Equal Exchange coffee at coffee hour



You don’t just have to take our word for it. Read why Bethesda Lutheran Church serves Equal Exchange coffee and how they’ve made it work well for everyone, here on our blog.

Keep the switch simple with these five tips for serving fairer coffee.



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