Fair Trade Online Fundraising

Image shows a close up of organic coffee seedlings from Cooperativa Norandino located in Peru.

Fair trade fundraising organizers are seeking online options to save time, stay organized and raise more money. We’re pleased to offer some of Equal Exchange’s best-selling products on the online platform created by FarmRaiser!

Mark Abbott, Co-Founder and CEO of FarmRaiser, created the platform after his children brought home school fundraisers selling junk-food products. Mark longed for an easy fundraiser offering healthier options, especially for kids, that would be successful. His answer is FarmRaiser, a tech company with a platform that connects communities with farmers, educates about food sourcing, and offers online organizational tools to make fundraising easier.

Now, you can raise money with Equal Exchange’s fairly traded, organic products on the FarmRaiser platform!

FarmRaiser’s technology powers your fair trade fundraiser.

  • Raise money and make a difference! Advocate for small-scale farmer co-ops by sharing free educational videos, classroom materials and other resources during your fair trade fundraiser.
  • Equal Exchange ships your entire FarmRaiser order to one location for your local distribution.

Tech ToolsImage shows two students learning about fair trade chocolate on their computer.

Fundraising tools on the platform. 
  • Your fundraiser gets its own shareable marketplace and mobile app. This makes it easy to text, email and post on social media.
  • A secure paywall lets you accept credit card payments quickly and safely. Therefore, you’ll have less cash to carry around and count!
    • You can also print paper forms for those who prefer to pay by cash or check.
  • Track progress in real time! During your campaign, the online dashboard shows how close you’re getting to your fundraising goal!
  • Supporters can add dollar donations on the platform so you can raise even more for your cause!
Your contact is FarmRaiser.
  • Connect with FarmRaiser here to create, organize and finalize your Equal Exchange fundraiser on their platform.
  • FarmRaiser handles your invoicing, not Equal Exchange. They’ll submit your final order for you and also provide a detailed summary of your fundraiser’s sales and profits.


Simple Set Up
  • Quick launch! Sign up here and get started.
  • Personalize your online profile using your group’s logo and fundraiser description.
Customize your fundraiser and your profit percentage.
  • Product Selection – You pick!
    • Choose from 4 of our best-selling chocolate bars and 2 top coffee options. 
  • Percentage of Profit – You decide!
    • Need to raise 40%, 50% or more? Use FarmRaiser’s tech tools to set the percentage of profit for your fundraising products to get you to your goal.
 Image shows an Equal Exchange worker-owner getting product ready to ship in the warehouse. Full cases of product.
  • Equal Exchange products are rounded up to complete full cases. Therefore, fewer products can help you raise more money.
  • We ship our freshest products to you directly from our warehouse.
  • Any extra products that arrive are perfect as appreciation gifts or to continue raising money by selling after your campaign closes.
Easy Wrap-up
  • FarmRaiser helps you finalize your fundraiser and submits your order to us for you. They’ll handle your billing, not Equal Exchange.
  • The platform generates PDFs of easy-to-read customer receipts – organized by each participant – to simplify your distribution day.
  • Your dashboard stores all you need. You’ll get a quick start next time and easily contact past customer-supporters.
    • Added bonus: If you’re changing roles in your group, simply share your dashboard’s login information with the next organizers. They’ll have everything they need — no more passing of the Fundraising Binder! 

Image shows a rubber stamp of the FarmRaiser logo on a paper fundraising product distribution bag.

FarmRaiser can help you plan an Equal Exchange fundraiser on their platform. To get started, just fill out this form. If you have questions or want to learn more, contact them at info@farmraiser.com or 571.279.8873.

Equal Exchange’s Customer Service team is always available to answer questions about our products, our farmer partners and your order’s shipping details. Get in touch with us at communityorders@equalexchange.coop and 774.776.7366. 

Thank you for supporting authentic fair trade and fundraising with Equal Exchange.

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