Fundraising with a Spring Theme

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Fundraising with Equal Exchange is effective any time of year, but add in a special theme during the first half of the year can help you get to your goal faster. Here’s how…

Planning a campaign with a holiday or a seasonal theme gives you the power of suggestion. People automatically will view the fairly traded, organic products featured in the fundraising catalog >> as a gift-giving opportunity. Gifts are priced higher than the other items in the catalog, so you’ll raise more money. For example, five individual chocolate bars sold during your fundraiser will raise approximately $8.00 for your group. If those five chocolate bars were instead five gifts of the Equal Exchange’s Chocolate Bar Collection, you’d raise $62.00 instead of $8.00! It’s the same amount of work, but gifts will help you reach your goal much quicker.

Themes also inherently provide a special energy! People can get excited for Mother’s Day, for example. And, the deadline for your campaign becomes relevant to your supporters so they can get orders to you in time.

If you’re not sure how to promote your fundraiser, themes give you plenty to talk about throughout your campaign. (Click here for more tips to help you promote.) Use social media, newsletters, website, flyers and whatever works best for your group to tell them.

“Mother’s Day is a few weeks away! Our fundraiser ends Friday so order her perfect gift today!”

Pick a Theme for your Fundraiser

Every calendar year offers plenty of themes to choose from. And don’t overlook your organization’s special dates, such as an anniversary. Pick what works for you, then use this guide >> to plan your schedule. Here are a few springtime suggestions to kick off the new year with a successful fundraiser:

  • Small-farmer Products for 1st Day of Spring (March 20) or Easter (April 21)
  • Organic for Earth Day (April 22)
  • Delicious Gift Giving for Mother’s Day (May 12)

To raise the most, we suggest that you give yourself as much time as possible to run a successful fundraiser. Why wait? Request your free catalogs>> today and get the first step out of the way.


Image shows Equal Exchange Tea with text, "Small Farmer Teas for Spring or Easter"
Image shows female farmer picking coffee beans with text, "Organic for Earth Day"

Image shows Equal Exchange coffee with text, "Delicious Gifts for Mother's Day"

What theme has been successful for your fundraiser?

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