Host A Cocoa Tasting In Your Community

hot cocoa

This winter, warm up with a cocoa tasting event! Hot chocolate is the quintessential cold weather treat – so a chilly winter day is a great time to introduce all three of Equal Exchange’s organic, fairly traded cocoa mixes to your community. Here are our suggestions for a festive and delicious tasting event:

  • Mix each cocoa appropriately. Our Organic Hot Cocoa Mix contains milk power and can be made with hot water, while our Organic Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix and Organic Dark Hot Chocolate Mix are intended to be made with hot milk.
  • Offer non-dairy options. Make some Spicy Cocoa and Dark Hot Chocolate with a non-dairy milk, such as almond or soy, so that dairy-free folks can participate in the tasting.
  • Keep your cocoa hot.  After mixing, keep cocoa warm in an airpot, carafe, or a pot with a lid.
  • Serve small samples. Small cups are ideal if people want to taste all three kinds of cocoa. Our 4-ounce sample cups, available in sleeves of 50 cups, are a perfect size – and they’re compostable.
  • Dress the cocoa up (or be a purist). Offering mini marshmallows, whipped cream, or peppermint stick stirrers can add to the fun! If you’re prioritizing having the unique flavors of each cocoa shine through, skip the add-ons.
  • Find out which cocoa participants like best. Use your tasting as an opportunity to identify your community’s favorites. Keep a tally of everyone’s favorite cocoa of the three, or take pre-orders for your next sale.
  • Tell us how it went. We’d love to hear about your tasting – send feedback, or photos of your cocoa festivities, to

Happy tasting!

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