How to Make Iced Tea Concentrate

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One of our favorite things about summertime is iced tea! It’s surprisingly easy to make by the glass or by the pitcher, and there are almost endless flavor combinations and creative recipes to try. One of the easiest ways to make a lot of iced tea at once is to brew a strong iced tea concentrate, which you then mix with water and ice as needed. Watch the video below to see how it’s done!

Iced Tea Concentrate

  • Boil 8 cups water and pour into a heatproof glass pitcher.
  • Add 15 tea bags of your choice (with strings, tags and staples removed) and let steep for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bags and let cool to room temperature.
  • Transfer to sealable containers and refrigerate.
  • When you’re ready to drink, add 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water and ice in a glass or pitcher.

Simple Syrup

Sweeten your tea without the sugar crystals lingering at the bottom of your glass! Simply combine 1 part sugar with 1 part hot water just off the boil and mix well. Add to your glass or pitcher of tea to taste.


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