Infographic: Small Farmer Tea Vs. Conventionally Traded Tea

At Equal Exchange, we believe that “Fair Trade” means “small farmer,” and our relationships with tea growers reflect that. Our tea comes from democratically organized small farmer groups, not plantations or estates. We work directly with farmer groups to pay them a fair price for their tea, offer affordable credit and solve problems collaboratively. The traditional tea market favors large plantations and their wealthy owners, and puts workers in poverty, without agency and with little hope for their futures. Check out this infographic to see how our alternative model is better for farmers – and how the typical tea market (including the Fair Trade tea market!) is hurting them.


  1. VideoPortal | 18th Mar 17

    If the higher price of Fair Trade goods is a deterrent for you, remember that you don t have to buy them all the time. Switching just a small amount of your consumption to Fair Trade can make a difference without making too big a dent in your wallet.

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