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Two woman arm in arm in front of a stack of coffee bags.
Picture is of a ACOPAGRO Co-op cacao farmer in Peru smiling and holding a cacao pod.
Cacao farmer Marta Zatalaya, a member of the ACOPAGRO Coop in Peru says, “Thanks!”

You’ve started something special — let’s continue doing great things together!

By partnering with Equal Exchange’s fundraising programs last year, you not only raised money for the organization you care so much about, but you also supported small, organic farmer co-operatives around the world.

For this, we thank you!

It’s not always possible for you to continue volunteering at your beloved school or serving your non-profit in the same capacity forever. With over two decades in the nonprofit world, I personally understand how quickly information can fall off the radar. People rotate in and out. Projects get handed-off. Email addresses change. With this kind of disconnect, it’s no wonder so much time gets wasted as people re-create the wheel time and again. Your goal is to raise money for your group. When there’s a lot of turnover, that goal suffers.

To continue the amazing work you’ve started, we ask you to help keep us in touch with your team. Just invite members of your group to join the Equal Exchange Fundraising community!

With just two steps, it’s so easy!

  1. Copy this web link: 
  2. Paste it into an email and send to the relevant people at your organization asking them to fill out the form.

After they fill out the form, we’ll include them in on our special fundraising e-news group. You’ll be giving the new fundraising coordinator a head start by telling them what worked for you! We’ll let them know when Equal Exchange’s new catalog comes out, remind them when sign-ups begin and offer helpful tips on how to raise more money. We only send e-newsletters about once a month. Receiving our news will help them continue the great work you started! (To learn about Equal Exchange’s privacy policy, click here.)

No time? No worries. Just copy and paste the letter below and send off to your committee. Feel free to customize to suit your needs!


We loved raising money with Equal Exchange’s programs offering their organic, fairly traded and delicious products!

They send out e-news occasionally about fundraising to help organizations like ours raise more. I recommend you stay informed about their programs so we can continue our partnership. To get in the loop, visit this link and fill out the form.


Image of children holding chalk board that says, "Thank you for supporting us!"We look forward to remaining a special and meaningful part of your community so we can continue doing great things together!

A big thanks from all of us at Equal Exchange and our small farmer partners!

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