Extraordinary Coordinators at Monona UMC

Kay Mackie of Monona United Methodist Church shows off her fair trade table

We’re turning the spotlight on longtime Equal Exchange supporters Monona United Methodist Church in Monona, Wisconsin!

Their congregation has been buying fair trade products through the UMCOR Coffee Project since 2003. They are what we call “top customers” because they’re in the top 5% of faith-based groups who buy from Equal Exchange and re-sell to their members.Women from Monona United Methodist Church hold up a certificate honoring their church for being fair traders

Team Coordinator Kay Mackie says:
“As a congregation, Monona United Methodist definitely comes through for the small farmer coops worldwide.  Our United Methodist Women’s purpose in this Mission is to sell as much as we can to help small farmers have a stable and reliable marketplace as they do with Equal Exchange. In 2018 our sales placed us #23 out of 7,600 US interdenominational congregations who participate in Equal Exchange’s faith-based program.
“We sell monthly and also have a display area up all the time with a container for payment on the honor system. Sales generate $200-300 each month.  We are a reconciling church and this is a Mission we all unite together on! When we presented our “Top Customer” certificate to the congregation at church everyone received an Equal Exchange mini chocolate bar as a thank you. Our team of 10 volunteers finds it a JOY to participate in this Mission of Justice, Equality and Sustainability for these small farmer coops and enjoy their excellent products.”
Pictured: Patsy McDonald and Kay Mackie

We welcome you to send a few paragraphs about how your congregation uses Equal Exchange products to promote justice.

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