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A smiling woman holds a gift basket of 3 fair trade coffees

Wicker gift basket with green tea, coffee, chocolate bars and pecansConsumable gifts like coffee, tea and chocolate are wonderful because they won’t collect dust on a shelf, will likely not get re-gifted and are perfect for that person who says they “don’t need anything.” What’s more, Equal Exchange products are organic and ethically sourced, so your gift says something meaningful about your values, too. And they aren’t just for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa – these gifts are great year-round!

Equal Exchange’s webstore offers wholesale case pricing that’s available to everyone A case means six packages of coffee, six boxes of tea, six canisters of cocoa or 12 bars of chocolate. Take advantage of amazing pricing on organic and fairly traded products by splitting cases up and making tasty, personalized gift baskets for those you love!

Personalized gift ideas

Packages of Palestinian maftoul, freekeh, dates and olive oil

Who are your favorite foodies? Gift them with some of our newest products from the Middle East. They’re not easily found in the US and they support small-scale Palestinian farmers. Succulent Medjool dates, hearty couscous (maftoul) and smokey freekeh (along with recipes showing how to use them) make memorable, quality presents! 

If you’d prefer to give a gift that’s boxed already, we also have a Palestinian Farmers’ Box that comes with 4 products from the West Bank.

a bowl of chocolate chip cookie mix in a bowl with Equal Exchange chocolate chips next to it

Know people who like to bake? Imagine giving them “Bakers’ Baskets” filled with organic pantry staples like Equal Exchange baking cocoa, bittersweet chocolate chips and virgin olive oil. Purchased by the case, those 3 products would be less than $22 per gift! Maybe they’ll bake something for you as a thank you!


Gift basket with 3 women-themed fair trade coffees insideMothers, sisters and women who appreciate good coffee and social justice will delight in beautifully packaged bags of  Mama Tierra , Sisters Blend and Congo Coffee Project . Each tells a story and celebrates women. Gift them individually or as a trio! 5 coffee trios with 3lbs of coffee for under $27 each is pretty awesome! In addition to being fairly traded and organic Mama Tierra and Congo Coffee both have an extra bonus – a built-in donation for community development work in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Panzi Hospital in the DR Congo. 

a young girl holds a gift basket full of fair trade goodies like almonds, tea, and coffee with a sticker that says "power to the farmers".Our most popular products to mix and match

  • Love Buzz Coffee
  • Breakfast Blend Coffee
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Baking Cocoa
  • Panama Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate with Mint Crunch
  • Pecans
  • Virgin Olive Oil

bite sized chocolate minis packaged in small cellophane bags for gifts

Another one of our favorite ideas for affordable gifts for your neighbors, kids’ teachers, or mail person is bite-sized chocolate minis in gift bags you assemble yourself. Buying in bulk gives you the best price.

How to Order:

  • Decide which products you want to order
  •  Buy them by the case – On our webstore. You can also order by phone at 774-776-7366 M-F 9-5 eastern time. You get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Give yourself at least 10 business days between ordering and expecting your delivery during our busiest shipping time of the year.


Call customer service at 774-776-7366 M-F 9-5 EST or email

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