The Stories Behind Our Food


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What is our podcast about?

The Stories Behind Our Food podcast explores what we eat and how it gets to us. What are the human stories beyond the labels at a grocery store? Equal Exchange is one of the largest and most successful worker co-ops in the US and one of the largest Alternative Trade Organizations in the world. Listen to farmers, traders, activists and other experts talk about their work … and expand your palate!

Why are we doing it?

We want to help listeners understand that the food we eat has a complex story. Many of our friends in the food system work fascinating jobs — they travel the world, they have years of experience, and they know a lot about cool stuff most of us have never considered. On the podcast, guests tell their stories in their own words. The format showcases each person’s unique outlook and does justice to their depth of knowledge. We love curating these stories and hope you have as much fun listening as we have recording!

Meet the team

Kate Chess, Copywriter and Content Coordinator

Kate Chess, Cohost:

Kate first honed her interview skills in the late aughts as an investigator of complaints filed against police officers in New York City. Today, she works as a copywriter and content coordinator at Equal Exchange. She loves to read and write fiction, and lives in Rhode Island with her family.

Danielle Robidoux, Equal Exchange Organizer

Danielle Robidoux, Cohost:

A long-time food activist, Danielle has been interested in our connection to food since she was young. Raised by her Italian grandmother, she was making homemade sauce since she could walk. She loves yoga, hiking, traveling, and anything that involves food.

Gary Goodman, Marketing & Sales Manager

Gary Goodman, Producer:

Gary loves technology, art, and storytelling. Long working at the intersection of technology and people, he has an endless interest in utilizing technology to connect people with stories and products that bring about positive change. In his free time, he enjoys photography, videography, talking about the latest tech and spending time with his family.

Your Podcast Feedback

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