School-Wide Fundraising Part 2: Collecting Orders

This is part three of a series on school fundraising. Read Part 1: Logistics or Part 3: Distributing Orders

After the hustle of promoting your school-wide fundraiser and gathering support from your community comes the daunting task of collecting those order forms. The trick to mastering this step is organization and good communication with teachers, staff, students and parents. Here are some things to keep in mind to make this part of the process a breeze.

1. Create a clear timeline and stick to it. Send a memo to teachers and administrators with clear instructions about where and when students should submit their order forms. (Plan deadlines early so you can extend them if you need to!)

2. Collect and organize orders by class. Give every teacher a collection envelope with their name on it. Ask them to collect the students’ orders and make sure that the amount of money they collect from each student matches their order total. Include a form for teachers to record any missing or extra money alongside students’ names. (Find this form and more on our Tools page.)

For large schools, ask each homeroom teacher to compile the entire class’ orders onto their own Master Order Form. This form can be emailed to you and combined with other classes later.

3. Compile class totals on your Master Order Form. Ask a detail-oriented volunteer to help with this step. If you need any help using the Master Order Form, feel free to contact Equal Exchange staff for help: 776-776-7371.

Don’t forget to double check your final compiled orders against the total number of items ordered and total amount of money collected on each student’s order form.

Find the Master Order Form on our Tools page.

4. Save individual order forms for your records. You will need these order forms to assemble student orders once your bulk order arrives.

5. Submit your final order to Equal Exchange. Send your complete Master Order Form to Then, exhale, take a break and wait for your order to arrive!

Looking ahead to your school-wide fundraiser? Get started and find out more about our fundraising program for schools and groups of all sizes. 


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