Successful Fundraising: Plan Early

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Successful Fundraising: Dream big. Plan early.

As the school year winds down, it’s time to lock-in your successful fundraising plans with Equal Exchange. By doing so now, you can sit back, sink your toes into the sand, and relax this summer.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

We’re all aware that budget cuts are hurting schools across the nation. Therefore, your help raising money is needed now more than ever. In order for educators, leaders and parents to properly forecast school budgets, they need to know your plans long before the school year starts. (To assist with planning, use this profit calculator.)

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In general, catalog fundraising campaigns are successful because they involve a community. For starters, they can be organized by any one person who cares about the cause. Campaigns are short term, so funds can be raised quickly. Then, many people can participate to help. And, the entire process teaches students very important life skills. These include how to set a goal, work with others, meet a deadline, stay organized, and exchange money for product. All are keys to success!

What makes Equal Exchange’s fundraising catalog extraordinary is that it not only raises money, but it also supports small-scale farmers. It’s a great opportunity to educate about food sourcing, Organic farming and fair trade. This opens minds to global issues to promote a more equitable, sustainable and democratic food system. You can share all the videoslesson plans and tools found on our website to help.

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Then, you can get on with your warm and wonderful summer plans!  



What will you raise money for next year? Here are some ideas!

If you’re not sure where your school needs the most help, it’s best to ask a faculty or staff member. Often funding needs include:

Books, Supplies, Classroom Equipment

Audio / Visual Equipment

Educational Trips (Domestic / International), Local Transportation

Language Programs

Furniture, Improvements to Infrastructure

Laptops, Tablets, Technology

Special Needs Programs


Nutritional Programs

Anti-Bullying Educational Programs

Science Departments, Lab Equipment

Sport Programs need Equipment, Uniforms, Score Boards, and Travel

Art, Music and Theater Programs

Scholarship Funds

After -School Programs & Activities


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With over a decade of fundraising success, Equal Exchange’s catalog has helped thousands of schools and community organizations across the US! To help your campaign reach its goal, utilize the resources on our website.  You’re invited to join our Equal Exchange Fundraising Coordinators Group on Facebook to collaborate with other organizers. There, you can find and share fundraising tips, ideas and pictures

If you have questions on how to get started, please email or call 774-776-7366.

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