Great Outdoors

At Equal Exchange, we work hard to bring you organic, sustainable and fairly traded coffee, tea and chocolate. What do we do when we’re not doing that? Let us show you!

EE worker-owners from every region of the US sent in pictures of ourselves, our friends and our family members (and our dogs!) spending time in the Great Outdoors. For some of us, that means a long hike or an ambitious workout. Others would rather dig in our gardens, relax by the shores of an inviting lake, or hunt for bugs in the backyard.

A photo collage of people in the great outdoors sitting in a tree, enjoying a park, hiking with a dog, and sipping sustainablee coffee

Share a pic that captures YOUR epic nature adventures and love of fair trade on Instagram. We’re giving out prizes! Read the contest post for details.

As our co-op has grown, we’ve become a far-flung group of people who work out of offices all over the country. You’ll notice different kinds of scenery in the background of these snapshots. But one thing we have in common is that we care about the impact our business has on the natural world. We want to make sure Equal Exchange is environmentally responsible. We strive to build supply chains that are fair to people and respectful of the earth.

EE supports growing methods that are better for the environment.  Small-scale, diverse farming may not be as efficient as huge, monocrop plantations. But small farms and cooperatives are more sustainable in the long run — economically, socially, and for the natural world that surrounds us.

A photo collage of people in the great outdoors posed by a waterfall, in a swamp, on a mountain hike, and trail running.

Connect to the Great Outdoors

Thanks for doing your part by shopping for organic and fairly traded foods. And thanks for taking the time to explain to your friends, family and coworkers why it matters. Sound ecological practices are everyone’s responsibility.

Not sure what to say? We’ve got you covered with Fair Trade talking points.

When we feel a connection to nature, we’re more likely to make an effort to protect it.   That’s why Equal Exchange worker-owners are all about getting out — wherever we may be — to have an adventure.  We hope to see you there!


Photo credits:

Collage 1 clockwise, from top left: Ashley Krant at Badlands National Park in South Dakota; Liza in Vermont (photo by Megan Chisholm); a friendly snail (photo by Jill Taylor); Marlon Cifuentes in Providence, Rhode Island; Laura Bechard with Apuka the dog in New Hampshire (photo by Erika Szonntag)

Collage 2 clockwise, from top left: Jeff Purser at Songo Pond in Maine; Cutch the dog at Mount Hood in Oregon (photo by Stephanee DiMaggio); Marcus Jones in Oregon (photo by Stephanie O’Rourke); Andrew, Alison, Vinnie and Louie Booth-Gribas at Ballard Locks in Washington (photo by Vera Pash); Zumwalt Prairie in Oregon (photo by Katie Sharpe).

Collage 3 clockwise, from top left: Evan at Diana’s Baths in New Hampshire (photo by Jill Taylor); an EE cup in Michigan (photo by Ravdeep Jaidka); Dave Tybor, Rachel Tybor and Lucas Fowler at Kelly Park in Florida; Shawn Seebach at Dog Mountain in Washington; Ned the dog with Emily Nink, Hannah Bassett and Meghan Bodo in New Hampshire (photo by Ian MacLellan).

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