A jug of iced coffee next to a glass on a table

How to Make Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a gift on a hot summer day, cool and delicious. And really, there’s no need to buy it at a…

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chocolate bars dressed up as snowman with paper decorations

Inspiration for your Holiday Sale Display

We collected some of our favorite creative, yet simple display ideas for holiday sales during Christmas, Hanukkah and beyond! A sparkling, lighted display draws in…

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Equal Exchange gift basket brimming with fair trade treats

Holiday Sale Inspiration: Gift Baskets!

Support your community and small-scale farmers around the world by offering conscious consumers¬† meaningful and unique gift basket options.¬† Consumable gifts like coffee, tea…

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Bring Fair Trade to Your Farmer’s Market

Because coffee, tea, and cacao (which becomes chocolate)¬† aren’t grown in most places in the U.S., many local farmer’s markets…

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