Set Your Fundraising Dates: Plan backwards!

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The best way to set dates for your catalog fundraising campaign is to plan backwards!

As you know, the 40% profits you earn from our catalog program are immediate. You collect money as you sell, then simply pay wholesale pricing for your order. So the best way to plan your campaign dates is to pick the day that you want for people to receive their products. 

This planning guide illustrates how create a successful schedule by allowing enough time for each step throughout your fundraiser. This way, you’ll have your delicious, organic and fairly traded Equal Exchange products when you want them!

Let’s say you want products from your catalog campaign distributed before December 25.

No matter the day, month or year for your campaign, you must make necessary adjustments for holidays and weekend days that fall into your timeline as they will affect shipping schedules.

Product Distribution

Participants need time to pick up and distribute their orders before December 25th so you need to products to arrive sooner. Because the holiday season causes so many scheduling conflicts, we strongly urge you to allow plenty of time for you participants to pick up and distribute their orders and recommend you count back two weeks (skipping weekend days) and set your distribution day for December 10th.

Shipping & Date To Order

Image of Equal Exchange Worker-Owner shipping product from our warehouse.We guarantee delivery within 10 business days so count backwards from December 10th (do not include weekend days or holidays), and send your catalog order to us before November 26th.

Please note: We highly recommend allowing as much time as possible for shipping, especially around the holidays. Orders too large for UPS require freight delivery, which may take more time. If you have any questions about shipping times, please call Customer Service at 774.776.7366. We’ll be happy to consult with you!

Taking Fundraising Catalog Orders

Allow 3 weeks for your fundraising campaign, but do not tell your team! Instead, allow them only two weeks to sell and turn in their orders to you. This way, you’ll eliminate unnecessary stress by giving yourself an extra week to collect late orders (you’ll be glad you did!) and send one final order to us. So, counting back three weeks from when you have to send your order, your campaign’s start date is November 5th.

Ordering Catalogs & Plan Promotion

You’ll need catalogs and your fundraising goal board built before November 5th. Allow yourself a few weeks to receive all of your materials, build your customized goal board, plan your promotions and distribute catalogs. You need to order your catalogs and poster before October 19th!

TIP TO BOOST SALES – This is the perfect time to get your team excited for the campaign! Feel free to forward videos and other resources on our website. This can help you reach your fundraising goal faster.

>> For holiday fundraising, you need to order your catalogs in mid-October!

This timeline example can get your order distributed properly before Christmas. For this time of year especially, you need to allow two and a half months to organize a smooth and successful fundraiser. This schedule did not take into account any unforeseen issue, such as a weather event, so do consider adding in even more time.

Make things easy and take the first step now.

Graphic shows a clipboard with a check list "Sign up early"No matter when you plan to run your campaign, check one thing off your list today and reserve your catalogs now. Just tell us how many to send and when you want them by when you sign up. This way, there’s plenty of time for you to prepare for success!

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