Father’s Day Thoughts and Coffee Ideas

Father's Day picture of a boy and his dad on the beach together

above: Gary Goodman with his father.

This Father’s Day, share some time — and a special cup!

Is your dad a coffee lover, a brewing geek, or the kind of guy who takes his daily dose of caffeine like medicine? No matter what his blend, you can help him get the best out of his morning ritual this Father’s Day. It’s a way to say:  “Thanks for being there for me, over the years!” We’re excited to share our line of single-origin coffees and our manual brewing tips, below.

On a day that celebrates relationships, the most meaningful gift can be time spent in appreciation. If your father’s around, that might mean a slow cup of coffee with him and a heart-to-heart. Or maybe you’ll just take a moment to acknowledge the role-model — dad, stepdad, relative or friend — who helped shape you.

Gary Goodman, EE Worker-Owner, and father, voices his thoughts:

As Father’s Day comes around each year, it reminds me of something I learned from early on; family, the one you’re born into and the one you build, is one of the most important parts of life.

Family has a huge impact on the opportunities afforded to you, the degree of love and security you feel while growing up, and is a great source of joy and sorrow. On Father’s Day, I remember the incredible impact my dad had on me. He taught me how to work, how to play and how to love. He taught me to put family first, and that as you build a family of your own, that sometimes you need to make personal sacrifices to keep the family strong. The memories that are most vivid for me are the times I spent with my father one-on-one. When he asked me about my life, provided gentle guidance and fatherly wisdom. It is in these moments, these memories, that the true essence of what Father’s Day is materializes for me.

As I have grown older, and become a father myself, I have gained new insight into fatherhood and a new understanding of my own father. When I think about what I want out of Father’s Day, it isn’t a new tie, a case of beer or some other material object. What I want to give, and to receive, is time. Time to talk, to connect, and to make memories with the ones I love and who love me. So as you ponder what to do for Father’s Day this year, remember what truly matters; a chance to remember those special moments with your dad, and if you’re lucky, to make some new memories in the year ahead.

Help Dad shake up his morning routine with these coffee ideas.

Let’s face it. Everyone’s dad is unique — and so are our single-origin coffee beans. Each has its own particular aroma, flavor and aftertaste. Explore the full selection and find the perfect brew for your dad.


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Looking to spice up the morning coffee ritual, and put a little extra hair on his chest? If he isn’t already into manual brewing, Father’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new way to brew. Read and watch Equal Exchange Coffee Quality Coordinator Mike Mowry’s tips for brewing the perfect cup in his comprehensive, step-by-step guide.


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