Five Steps to Serving Fairer Coffee

Your Coffee Can Be Fair and Delicious!

With organic and fair trade coffees so reasonably priced, there’s no reason not to brew ethically sourced coffee for every meeting, gathering and event. Start serving today with these five tips — we break it down for you!

At church, a volunteer lines up cups to be filled with organic coffee.

  1. Let the Coffee Pay for Itself

You won’t find a better price for fresh-roasted gourmet-quality coffee that’s fairly traded and Organic-certified. It’s just about 10 cents per serving, so covering the cost is easy. Consider asking folks to contribute pocket change when they pour themselves a cup!

Do you sell Fair Trade items at cost? Consider rounding up to the next dollar, and use the profits to pay for coffee to brew and serve.

  1. Order YOUR Way

Ordering coffee shouldn’t be a chore. Our speedy web store is easy to browse on your computer or smartphone.

Do you miss the personal connection? Our customer service team is happy to answer your questions and process telephone orders from 9-5 EST, Monday-Friday. Give us a call at 774-776-7366.

  1. Set Up a Reminder

Some groups order a new case when they open the last bag. It’s simple to remember!

Others keep track of how many pots they brew in a given month, and use that information to estimate when they’ll need more. Once you know how often to order, write a note to future-you in your agenda or on your calendar. Or set a digital reminder that repeats. That way, you’ll never go dry!

  1. Get Help!

Sometimes, you need a little help from your friends! Get members of your group excited about Fair Trade coffee by using our Fair Trade Talking Points and free educational resources. Many hands make light work.

Ordering and serving Equal Exchange coffee can also be a meaningful way for youth to contribute at your club, school or church. Consider getting them involved.

A woman and a teen girl laugh together as they sip mugs of organic coffee.

  1. Spread the Good News

It’s time to let people know! If you’ve ever sold our packaged coffee at a holiday sale or used Equal Exchange for a fundraiser, your community already knows how good fair trade coffee tastes! Broadcast the news by putting up signs, by sharing pamphlets, and by using Airpot Labels to show that you’re proudly brewing Equal Exchange coffee. All these materials are free! Find everything you need here, or call Customer Service at 774-776-7366.

A cup of hot organic coffe with a napkin, spoon and bag of Organic Breakfast Blend.

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