Inspiration for your Holiday Sale Display

We collected some of our favorite creative, yet simple display ideas for Holiday Sales! Check them out on our Pinterest Board>> and view inspirational examples below.

Use Inexpensive & Attractive Display Materials 

A sparkling, lighted display draws in shoppers, using wooden crates to add height and extra shelving. We also offer chocolate and tea racks for purchase. Garlands can drape the front of your table. You can bring greenery and pine cones indoors for a gorgeous, natural and economical display. Burlap coffee bags make an eye-catching table cloth or backdrop that couldn’t be more relevant to the products you’re featuring! Order authentic burlap bags that were used to transport coffee beans to Equal Exchange for $2 each.


While you’re at it, why not add on some free promotional materials like posters, pamphlets, stickers and comic books for your table? We recommend promoting your sale early to drum up excitement. Putting up our holiday sale poster with your event details and getting the word out using our e-newsletter template is a great way to do this. We’ve also created a shareable photo collection. Pull holiday images to make your own promo materials.


Showcase Equal Exchange Products in Ready-to Gift Ways

Pre-assembled gift baskets full of fairly traded goodies for people who want gifts to grab and go. Offer a variety of price points to fit every budget. Themed baskets like a “Baker’s Basket” including chocolate chips, baking cocoa, olive oil and high cacao content chocolate bars make choosing gifts fun and easy.


Move over, wine! Suggest a bottle of organic, fairly traded Palestinian Olive Oil as a unique & meaningful gift.  Tea-towels or silk scarves from the thrift store make beautiful and reusable gift wrap.

Don’t forget to order our free gift tags that can be attached to the bottles to give the gift recipients more information about this very special olive oil!



Our chocolate minis packaging kit contains 35 acrylic bags that can be filled with 25 dark chocolate minis. Add holiday stickers and voila! We find that $8 a bag is a fair price that covers your costs with a bit extra left as profit. Recommend them to shoppers as the perfect “little something” for a teacher, mail-person or neighbor.


Sell Other Fair Trade Items that Coordinate with Equal Exchange Products 

Cappuccino ornament from Ten Thousand Villages

Serving trays, coffee mugs, and cup cozies from the Fair Trade organization Ten Thousand Villages complement coffee, tea and cocoa and make perfect add-ons at your sale table. If you want to include more crafts at your sale, Ten Thousand Villages has an extensive selection of Fair Trade garlands, ornaments and nativities that can be purchased at discounted prices for groups who want to offer crafts for sale at events on consignment.


Attract Customers and Increase Sales 

Break up a chocolate bar into bite-sized pieces and offer samples of flavors people may not have tried, like our wildly popular Lemon, Ginger and Black Pepper,  Panama Extra Dark 80% or Milk Chocolate with Caramel Crunch and Sea Salt. They won’t be able to resist picking up a few bars for themselves as well as for gifts!

Brew up a carafe of coffee or hot cocoa for samples. Equal Exchange has compostable 4oz size sample cups and airpot labels so folks know what they’re tasting and can buy it from your table. If samples aren’t in your budget, charge just enough to cover your costs (about $0.15 per cup on average ). You could even charge a little more and use this as a fundraiser for your group.


Did you know that our best seller, Organic Breakfast Blend coffee, is the perfect coffee to feature at your sale? It’s not only most popular… it’s also our lowest-priced coffee! Your group makes a profit while offering a high-quality, fairly traded coffee for less than what most stores charge. And buying Equal Exchange coffee helps small-scale farmers stay on their land, supports your own organization and members get delicious coffee at a great price. What shopper could pass that up?


 DIY Gift Ideas 

Feeling crafty? Fill tin-tie bags with whole bean coffee from bulk 5lb bags and decorate the bags with stickers and markers. Tie chocolate bars with ribbon and sell them as a bundle with a price incentive like 5 for $15. You’ll sell more and customers have an instant gift.

Try your hand at creating a bunch of “tea-trees” with green and peppermint tea bags for fun gifts that also double as display! Or pre-assemble the ingredients needed to make Fair Trade brownies or cookies in mason jars and include the recipe.









Love to bake? Offer treats made with Equal Exchange products for sale. Browse recipes made with fairly traded, organic ingredients like chocolate caramel pecan pie!


Learn more: Holiday Sale Tips>> and ideas for making Fair Trade gift baskets >> 

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Bethany Karbowski


  1. Catherine | 1st Nov 18

    I adore your products – coffee, tea, olive oil – and especially chocolate. My one gripe about the latter is the plastic inner wrap: could it not be paper like the majority of other companies? I am trying to reduce plastic consumption and the wrapper makes me think no more EE Chocolate …😳

    • Bethany Karbowski | 2nd Nov 18

      Hi Catherine, thank you for your comment. We’re so glad to hear you love our products! Our wrapper needs to be airtight, since the chocolate bars are shipped from Switzerland. We’ve chosen a wrapper made from polypropylene which uses about a third of the energy it takes to manufacture an aluminum foil wrapper, even when the foil is recycled. There are no easy answers – on the front end, foil has a negative impact in terms of mining and energy use, and on the back end, the plastic has a negative impact in its disposal. Our chocolate plastic wrapper is actually recyclable if your local recycling program accepts No. 5 plastics. And the outer paper wrapper is FSC certified and also recyclable.

      We appreciate your concern about the environmental impact of plastic. It’s an issue we think about often. We are doing our best to balance multiple goals and sustainable production in other ways, but I’ll pass your feedback on to the Chocolate Team.


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