How to Make: Autumn Spice Hot Cocoa

Holding mugs of autumn spice hot cocoa outdoors


We have the perfect treat for fall! This easy-to-make spiced hot cocoa tastes like chocolaty pumpkin pie, and you’ll want to drink it all year long. This recipe makes enough for 16 servings, which we recommend storing in a mason jar. These jars make great gifts or items to sell at your harvest fair, fall fundraiser, or your congregation’s usual table sale. Watch the video to see how it’s made!

Holding mugs of autumn spice hot cocoa outdoors
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Autumn Spice Hot Cocoa Mix

Course Drinks
Keyword Cocoa
Servings 16



  1. Simply sift ingredients together in a bowl to make sure they are evenly mixed. Then, transfer to a jar and you’re ready to gift it, sell it or just keep it on hand in your kitchen.
  2. To make a single serving, take 3 tablespoons of cocoa mix and combine with 1 cup of hot milk or milk alternative. Stir well, and add marshmallows!

The key ingredient in this recipe is our Organic Baking Cocoa, which is made with organic cacao from CONACADO co-op in the Dominican Republic. This co-op is unique because the farmer members own their own cacao processing plant, which puts a key step of cocoa production into the hands of co-op members and farmers themselves. We’re proud to have partnered with CONACADO for over 10 years!

We hope you enjoy this fun fall treat. Thank you for supporting small farmers!


  1. Meg | 27th Oct 20

    I love this! I use a little more water when I mix it, but the taste is fantastic. Not meant to be like American hot chocolate—this is a Mexican traditional flavor. The spices warm me right up! (OK, and probably the sugar, too.)

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