10 Social Media Tips for Fundraising Success

10 Social Media Tips for Fundraising Success

In the digital age, promoting your fundraiser on your social media accounts is integral to your success! Is your fundraiser being seen by friends, family and coworkers as they browse their news feeds each day? Spread the word, send updates, and increase participation in your fundraiser by making the most of social media. Here’s how!

  1. Visuals are key. Use product photos and logos so people know right away what you’re offering. Pictures are eye-catching and will help you stand out in a stream of text updates.

  2. Start early. Make your first post two weeks before your fundraiser begins. Let people know what you’ll be selling, where they can get it, and when the fundraiser starts.

  3. Share your goals. Make your second post about the goals of your fundraiser. How much are you hoping to raise? What are you raising money for? People will be excited to know specifically what they are helping you do. Emphasize your start date here again.

  4. Announce the catalogs. Post a photo of the fundraising catalogs with a caption “Catalogs have arrived! Who is excited for our fundraising kick-off?” Make sure you emphasize the start date so parents will know to look out for the catalog.

  5. Upload a video. On your kick-off date, upload a video with a few students and staff members to announce the start of your fundraiser and share your excitement. Be creative and have fun!

  6. Make your posts public. Be sure that all the social media posts you make are shareable. That way, the parents who see it on their page can share it will their friends and family.

  7. Post updates! Throughout the fundraiser, keep people engaged by sharing fun facts about what you’re selling, quotes from kids excited about achieving your goal, or a photo of the stack of order forms that have already come in. These posts are a good way to remind folks when orders are due, too.

  8. Make a last-minute reminder. The day before the order forms are due, remind everyone with a fun graphic.

  9. Announce when your products have arrived. Take a photo of all the boxes and let folks know when they can come by to pick up their order.

  10. Share your success! After the fundraiser is over, share how much you raised or a photo of what the money went towards. This is a great time to thank everyone for their participation and set the stage for a great fundraiser next year.

Example posts from the Equal Exchange fundraising team:

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Equal Exchange for our fall fundraiser! With this fundraiser, we will make 40% profit from our school’s sales of fairly traded chocolate, coffee, tea, cocoa, and more. Look out for posts from us in the upcoming weeks to learn more about Equal Exchange.


This fall our fundraising goal is $5,000, which will go towards purchasing new laptops in the middle school. Our fundraising kick-off will be next Monday, September 25th, so don’t forget to check your child’s backpack for the catalog (pictured above) when they get home from school!


Our fundraiser kicks off on Monday! Interested in learning more about Equal Exchange, our fundraising partner, before the fundraiser starts? Watch their 2 minute video about Who They Are and What They Believe In!


We did it! We reached our fundraising goal. Thank you to all those who participated and helped make this possible! We hope you enjoy your products and check out the new laptops we were able to purchase with the money we raised.

And don’t forget to check out our Promote your Fundraiser page for more tips and resources!

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